Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Is My Kryptonite

Sometimes the craft service table can get a little crazy. Especially when I have too much idle time like I did today working background on a Bud Light commercial. I was actually pretty good. I brought my own healthy, raw snacks though, I did steal a couple of those Cliff Nectar bars. Mmmmmm! Every mealtime turns into a Q&A of why I would bring my own salad when there's a catering truck right there at my service. Believe me I was craving it but after my diet blowout in Cleveland (it's really hard being raw in Ohio, reeeaalllly hard) I'm being good for a couple days so I don't go to NYC all bloated. NYC has the BEST food ever. It's ridiculous. I'm hoping to hit up a couple of my favorite raw food places, Quintessence and Pure Food and Wine, but I may have to have a slice of New York style pizza before I go. There's a place on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg that's my jam. I better bring my stretchy pants.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This Inspires Me

This is why I'm so passionate about holistic nutrition. I hope I can have my own wellness center some day, too. For more info about this documentary click here.


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