Sunday, February 24, 2008

Health Freedom Expo

Oh how I love natural heath. I got to spend the weekend at the Long Beach convention center checking out the Health Freedom Expo. The focus of the convention was on alternative and holistic medicine and practices. Though it was a bit small it was fun to check out the booths and see what people are peddling. I am so grateful for the education I've gained so far in my holistic nutrition studies because it's made me so much more discerning among the many snake oil salemen who were pushing their 'superior' supplement or product. Many of the booths had different supplements, superfoods and antioxidant drinks like goji berry, acai, pine extract, hyssop and the like. Alkaline water filters were big as were EMF shields. A couple of booths were selling these little saunas that you sit in that make you sweat out the toxins (as you can see from the guy giving it a test run). There were plenty of traditional chinese medicine practitioners and people giving out massages for cheap. I got the 'brain healer' treatment because I wanted to be able to focus on my studies better. I had to wear these strange glasses that emitted light pulses as I listened to a woman's soothing voice instructing me to feel my brain. When I was done I felt like I just went to a rave, the light pulses made me unbalanced instead of focused. The massage part of it was pretty nice though. $5 for 10 minutes. Can't beat that. The best part of the show were the guest speakers. I got to see raw food guru, Dr. Gabriel Cousens, who wrote one of my favorite raw recipe books, "Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine." He was on hand to talk about curing diabetes with live food. I also got to catch Elson Haas, a well known nutrition expert and holistic physician. He talked about detoxing through fasting. Something I'm quickly becoming an expert on. I also got to see Dr. Hulga Clark. I read her books "The cure for all cancers" and "The cure for all diseases" a long time ago. She was the key person to get me on the road to wellness. Because of her books, I got my metal fillings taken out, I removed all the toxic chemicals out of my life and started doing parasite cleanses, kidney cleanses and liver flushes. I owe my holistic path to this spry little lady. It was definitely a treat to see her still researching and lecturing at her age. I did walk out the convention with a big jar of pricy bentonite clay, some raw cacao treats and a spiritual reading. I've never had my aura read before and boy was it eye opening. I'm going to live a long healthy life (thank you raw foods!), I'll have two kids and many grandchildren (hmmm, I wasn't planning on having kids but ok), though my career is stagnant right now I am going to be very successful and famous in three years (now we're talking! hope that comes true). Also Matt and I are going to be taking a trip to a foreign country soon. That's pretty likely because we are always looking ahead to our next Costa Rica trip. I'll keep you all posted on those two kids that are in my future. Scary.

Friday, February 15, 2008


I know it doesn't look very exciting but these coconut macaroons are my very first creations out of my spanking new Excalibur 5-tray dehydrator. When I first went raw I decided I didn't want to deal with the whole dehydrating aspect of raw food preparation but I was lured to the other side when all my favorite raw recipe books kept flaunting all these exciting things that are possible with a dehydrator. These little poo nuggets are from the book Raw Food, Real World. One of the authors, Sarma, sells these on her website One Lucky Duck. I have been hooked on these macaroons (they have them at my local health food store) for the past few months but they sell them for $10 for a dozen. I can't afford to fork over that kind of cash just for dessert. Now I can make 3 dozen for $10 and they haven't been sitting on a shelf for who knows how long. They came out fantastic by the way. Now I'm making Matt Amsden's famous onion bread. It takes 36 hours to make. Yep. 36 hours. The house does smell amazing with that fresh baked smell but the wait is going to kill me. I've got about 12 hours to go till I get my hands on that goodness. Mmmmmm!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hope Springs Eternal

Three years ago Matt shot a wedding at the Hope Springs Hotel in Desert Hot Springs. A renovated, mid century boutique hotel, we were in love with it. We promised ourselves when we had a little extra money we would book a room there for our anniversary. The dream finally materialized this past weekend as we relaxed in the mineral hot springs and enjoyed the sunny weather. We did a little road tripping as well.


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