Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Best Stevia Ever

The new kid in town.
I was at the Longevity Now Conference this past weekend where one of my favorite things to do is check out the latest, exciting new products from all the exhibitors. One of my favorite vendors at the conference is Omica Organics. They make a variety of high quality supplements like MSM crystals, magnesium oil, zeolite and fulvic acid. They keep expanding their line of unique products and this weekend they debuted their latest creation. Introducing the BEST STEVIA EVER! Stevia Botanica is unreconstituted liquid stevia. Unlike other brands that take powdered, refined stevia and turn it into a liquid, this has never been in powder form. It has no bitter flavor and is absolutely fantastic. I have been using SweetLeaf for years and did a taste test when I got home. The flavor is night and day. Stevia Botania is smooth and clean with no bitter aftertaste. It is still intensely sweet, though, as stevia is known for being 30 times sweeter than sugar. One drop goes a looooong way which is good, because at $20 a bottle you want this liquid goodness to last you a long time. It's zero glycemic, vegan, organic and gluten free. It's also not for sale on their website yet, but keep an eye out for it. It's a game changer.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Latest News - Dr. Don Show next week

Great news! I am almost done writing my new book, Raw & Simple. Though the recipes are easy, writing a whole new book was not. I've gone to great lengths to bring you the most up to date nutritional information on eating raw and over 100 fresh, new recipes to get you glowing. The book is slated to be released March 2013. Also, Going Raw is back in stock. It seems to be selling faster than they can print it! Thanks so much to everyone for your support and spreading the word.

For anyone interested, I'll be coaching clients again in mid July if anyone needs support with their diet and reaching their health goals. I've also got a couple other projects in the works that I will keep you posted on.

I'm also going to be on the Dr. Don Radio Show next week, Thursday May 17th from 3-4pm PST. Listen in live if you are in Arizona and you can even call in with questions. I think you might be able to listen to it streaming from the station website.

KAAA am1230
KZZZ am1490

You can check out the Dr. Don archives which I found to be super informative and interesting. My episode will be on there as well if you miss it next week.


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