Monday, December 31, 2007

Getting There

So our cork floor is in. The electrical got redone. We painted the walls. We assembled the frames of the cabinets with some help from our friends (one of them worked in high heels, fierce). A few more days and we're going to have a functional kitchen. I think. Most of the work has gone pretty smoothly though, I had a total freakout at the customer service department of IKEA. I'm not even going to say what happened. It was ugly, but it's all good now. Time to take the rest of the day off and get ready for tonight's festivities. Going to dinner at Oaxaca Mio with a bunch of friends and planning on having one last crazy, cooked meal for 2007. I'm going out with a bang because for the next month I'll be on a strict raw vegan plan. I've only been 50-75% raw since mid October when I went on vacation and have started to put on the pounds. I definitely have more energy when I'm totally raw so I want to get back to where I was over the summer. I felt better, looked better and had more clarity and creativity. I need all those things in abundance in my life right now. I've got a lot to do this next year!

Happy New Year, dear friends!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My New Kooky Thing

About a month ago I stumbled upon this website for Tooth Soap. I had read about the use of plain bar soap from a few different holistic websites but I thought that it was way too crazy for me. Well after reading all the info on the website I was sold. I ordered a jar and I can say that after one month of use, Matt and I are true believers. Initially, it took a while to get over the taste. Mostly because it tastes like regular mild bar soap. As long as you don't get it on your tongue you'll be fine. I bought spearmint but I noticed that they are introducing some new flavors so maybe they mask the soapy flavor better. One jar will last you forever by the way. It comes in little shreds but you can also order it in liquid form. I absolutely love how clean my teeth feel. No film or residue like regular toothpaste. It was pretty funny last week when we went out of town, we put a few shreds in a ziploc bag. Our friends were wondering why we travel with bags of parmesan cheese in our toiletry bag. HA! Well if any of you are interested in purchasing Tooth Soap off their website, be so kind to put my name in the comments section of your order. Apparently, I can qualify for a free bottle on my next order if I refer new customers. Danke. Click here to go to their website.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Guess Who Got A Fancy Pants 21-Speed Schwinn Hybrid Bicycle For Christmas?

This girl. I love you Matt!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Some Days I Really Love My Job

Here's me striking a pose on the set of a Microsoft Windows commercial. We look like an ensemble cast of a really bad sitcom. I love it. Spandex is so freeing, why do I not own more spandex? For this job we had to do aerobics for about half an hour and then got wrapped. What a day. About to buckle down and tackle some movies tonight with the husband and the cat. Life is good.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Bill Maher Pep Talk

Guitar Hero 3 Launch

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Here's me trying to be charming for the camera at the GH3 launch last Sunday in NYC. I greeted fans, took photos and tried out the new game. Of course, I immediately had to see how my song "In Love" played out and I have to admit I was a bit disappointed at how easy it was to play. I wanted it to be really difficult so players would have to work hard to get through it. You know, so the song burns deep into their subconscious. Anyway, I had fun being a part of video gaming history that day. Last night I made one more brief appearance at a Guitar Hero tournament in Long Beach before I headed out for some Halloween celebration. All my friends said going out as Judy Nails was lazy so I put on my cat lady outfit (a hoodie with a bunch of beanie babies pinned on it...totally not a lazy costume) and headed out for some kareoke. Meow.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

This Is My Kryptonite

Sometimes the craft service table can get a little crazy. Especially when I have too much idle time like I did today working background on a Bud Light commercial. I was actually pretty good. I brought my own healthy, raw snacks though, I did steal a couple of those Cliff Nectar bars. Mmmmmm! Every mealtime turns into a Q&A of why I would bring my own salad when there's a catering truck right there at my service. Believe me I was craving it but after my diet blowout in Cleveland (it's really hard being raw in Ohio, reeeaalllly hard) I'm being good for a couple days so I don't go to NYC all bloated. NYC has the BEST food ever. It's ridiculous. I'm hoping to hit up a couple of my favorite raw food places, Quintessence and Pure Food and Wine, but I may have to have a slice of New York style pizza before I go. There's a place on Driggs Avenue in Williamsburg that's my jam. I better bring my stretchy pants.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This Inspires Me

This is why I'm so passionate about holistic nutrition. I hope I can have my own wellness center some day, too. For more info about this documentary click here.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

What's Different Here?

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Hmmm, every time a new version of Guitar Hero comes out it seems Judy Nails gets 'a little work done.' The only similarity between me and my character now are the two sparrows on our lower back. I was kinda bummed I didn't have any input on how she looks this time around but I did get to rerecord all the moves and it looks SO GOOD. I'm proud. Guitar Hero 3 is definitely the best of the bunch and the soundtrack is going to rule (and not because I'm on it, well maybe).

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I Made A New Friend Today

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I met this bad boy on the set of a Zune commercial today. Once the handler reassured me that he wan't going to punch me I got the nerve to actually pet it. Kangaroos are soft. Kinda like a bunny with the personality of a chicken. Speaking of chicken I'm on day three of a five day juice fast. So hungry I could eat a house. Rawr.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This Makes Me Happy

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Read the story here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If You Like Scary Movies

Rent the "Future of Food" from Netflix, a documentary about the shady business of genetically modified (GMO) foods. It's a chilling look at our current food chain that is slowly being taken over by corporations (Monsanto, you're the devil) who are patenting seeds and strongarming America's farmers into subsidized GMO agriculture. Without boring you with the details let me just say this. PLEASE buy organic. I know it costs more but YOU ARE WORTH it. Go to the farmer's market, buy local, in-season produce. It tastes better, it's better for you, better for the economy and the future of food as we know it. If more people support organic farming it will be cheaper. Better yet, grow your own! I'm planting almond trees this year because the FDA has decided to pasturize ALL California almonds for "Public Safety." I can't tell you enough how much this irks me.

Here's a tip next time you go to the grocery store. You know those little stickers on your produce? If it has numbers on it from 3000-4000 it is commercially grown pesticide, herbacide, fungacide, poisoned food. If it has a 5 digit number beginning with a 9 it is organic. GMO foods will have a number starting with 8 but so far the only ones that we are 'aware' of is corn, soy and papayas. The patent office of America has GMO seeds on file for every fruit and veggie out there. It's just a matter of time until the only option we have as consumers are 'Frankenfoods." The majority of soy and corn is GMO even though they are not labelled as such. That may explain why corn and soy allergies are fast becoming the biggest food allergy in this country. Say NO to GMO!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Because It's Not Everyday That I Get To Rollerskate To Skinny Puppy

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Next to roller derby, goth skate night at World On Wheels in Venice is my favorite way to skate. Last night, Wumpskate celebrated their four year anniversary of bringing roller recreation to the gloomy kids of Los Angeles. I was going regularly last year but since the DJs starting playing gratuitous, self indulgent sets of nihilistic German industrial music my interest has waned. Last night started off great though, lots of Siouxsie, Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus, NIN, Ministry and what's that? Bigod 20? Now we're talkin'. It brings me back to my high school dark wave days. Sphinx, my sister in cake and roller skating, was there to hear me bitch about my ensuing blisters. It's been a few months since I laced on my retro Riedells but I had a wonderful night of nostalgia and calorie burning.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Story of My Life


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