Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My New Kooky Thing

About a month ago I stumbled upon this website for Tooth Soap. I had read about the use of plain bar soap from a few different holistic websites but I thought that it was way too crazy for me. Well after reading all the info on the website I was sold. I ordered a jar and I can say that after one month of use, Matt and I are true believers. Initially, it took a while to get over the taste. Mostly because it tastes like regular mild bar soap. As long as you don't get it on your tongue you'll be fine. I bought spearmint but I noticed that they are introducing some new flavors so maybe they mask the soapy flavor better. One jar will last you forever by the way. It comes in little shreds but you can also order it in liquid form. I absolutely love how clean my teeth feel. No film or residue like regular toothpaste. It was pretty funny last week when we went out of town, we put a few shreds in a ziploc bag. Our friends were wondering why we travel with bags of parmesan cheese in our toiletry bag. HA! Well if any of you are interested in purchasing Tooth Soap off their website, be so kind to put my name in the comments section of your order. Apparently, I can qualify for a free bottle on my next order if I refer new customers. Danke. Click here to go to their website.



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