Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Raw Food Restaurant in Detroit

A couple weeks ago, while visiting friends in Detroit, I made a wonderful discovery at the Detroit Zen Center. In the Hamtramck neighborhood is an organic cafe and co-op featuring live and gently cooked vegan dishes, juices and desserts. I was not expecting to find anything like this at all while in Detroit so this was a major score.
Kick your shoes off, grab a cushion and get cozy. The menu changes daily but try the live pizza if you get a chance. My friend and I also ordered the live burger, butternut squash soup, and salad. All delicious. We went crazy for the banana parfait. Seriously, so good. It was no surprise to find that the head chef, Emju, learned how to make these wonderful raw creations by Juliano. She's probably the only raw gourmet monk/chef in the world.

They haven't been advertising the cafe yet, so if you're in the area, please pay them a visit and pick up a few items for your kitchen as well. Better yet, be part of their co-op and what the heck, take some meditation classes. You know you need some yoga classes, too. I was so impressed and touched by the vision of the center that I gladly handed Emju the recipe for my famous brownies. Word on the street is that she made a batch this weekend. Now if that isn't reason enough to go then...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

How To Open A Banana Like A Monkey

This is going to be helpful for all you 80/10/10ers.

I never knew!


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