Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Because It's Not Everyday That I Get To Rollerskate To Skinny Puppy

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Next to roller derby, goth skate night at World On Wheels in Venice is my favorite way to skate. Last night, Wumpskate celebrated their four year anniversary of bringing roller recreation to the gloomy kids of Los Angeles. I was going regularly last year but since the DJs starting playing gratuitous, self indulgent sets of nihilistic German industrial music my interest has waned. Last night started off great though, lots of Siouxsie, Cocteau Twins, Bauhaus, NIN, Ministry and what's that? Bigod 20? Now we're talkin'. It brings me back to my high school dark wave days. Sphinx, my sister in cake and roller skating, was there to hear me bitch about my ensuing blisters. It's been a few months since I laced on my retro Riedells but I had a wonderful night of nostalgia and calorie burning.


Sphinx said...

Heyyyy youuu!!!



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