Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ancient Chinese Secret

Wow, my legs look really unattractive from this angle. I've been seeing an acupuncturist for the past week and a half because I've got what my health practitioners believe is tendonitis which I developed during my last trip to NYC. I wasn't kung fu fighting in the streets or anything really great like that. I was just walking along and acquired a terrible ache in my left knee. After a week of suffering I met a retired athlete who told me to go to a chiropractor for an x-ray, back adjustment and ultrasound therapy. It helped a bit but I was worried since I only had a couple weeks before my European vacation (where I intend to walk a lot) I decided to step it up with some acupuncture. My first appointment was a bust though. He had me sitting up so he could have better access to my knee. I didn't think the needles would bother me but just looking at them hanging out my knee made me go down like a sack of potatoes. It was so embarrassing. My next three sessions I did laying down and went really well. After my second session the pain was entirely gone for two days. It was a miracle. I'm a true believer now in Chinese medicine. I'm hoping he can get rid of my allergies next and maybe even my addiction to cupcakes. That's gonna be a tough one.


tommy said...

nice blog, i love it
keep it raw.

tatiana said...

dude. i told you! acupuncture is amazing. i don't know what the heck they do but it works. i need to go get some done stat.


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