Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home At Last

Sunday night I returned to California with fun memories, great experiences, tons of luggage and a massive hangover. That's pretty much the way every NYC trip ends but this one went much longer than I had anticipated. It went from a six week internship to a three and a half month adventure. After I had finished working at Bonobo's I decided to stick around and sign up with Innovative Artists and Ugly Talent to see if I could do in NY what I do in LA. I booked a Reebok and a Nationwide Insurance print campaign which is not bad for a newbie to the scene but was hoping for more commercial auditions which are, unfortunately, few on the east coast. Nevertheless, it was nice to see that I can book jobs on both coasts and an impetus for me to come back next year. Matt and I will be doing some apartment shopping out there next summer but for now I've got plenty of projects to complete so I'll be hunkering down at home with studies, music and screenplay writing.

A few of my favorite things that I will miss:
My flat

McCarren Park Pool


Walks over the Williamsburg bridge

Cruising around the neighborhood

Roebling Tea Room - my favorite brunch spot

It was such a cool experience to finally live and work in my favorite city in the world. It was hard to stay home and study when there was so much going on in the city. Almost too much going on. I think I stayed home about a dozen times the entire time and it was only because it was raining or I was exhausted from the night before (explains why I haven't blogged in 2 months). Definitely looking forward to going back when the weather warms up and I've accomplished what I need to do here. Hoping to finish the Scouts record over the holidays and then raw culinary school early next year. Either that or riding Matt's coat tails over to Europe again next year. We shall see...



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