Sunday, January 25, 2009

Living Light Week 1

Finished Fundamentals and Essentials of raw food this week. Seven days of lectures, demos, hands-on prep, recipe development, knife skills and glorious taste testing. I ate so much yet somehow managed to lose a pound. Bonus! A few photos from the past week:

The Mendocino coast is crazy beautiful. The whales are migrating this time of year. If you wait long enough you can see water spouts and tails flapping in the distance.

My room, and yes, that's my sock monkey. What?

My view of the ocean.

The school is housed in an old building with its own cafe, bookstore and marketplace.

We grew our own sprouts.

$4000 Kangen water filter. I want one.

Flavor dynamics class was so fun.

Watching one of the many demos

We drank green smoothies and watched the inauguration

Me with a couple of the chefs.

Ate the BEST salads every day for lunch.

Carrot pineapple kuchen

Crab cakes with cashew dill sauce.

Banana ice cream with warm chocolate sauce and raspberry coulis. Yeah, I did.

Made creamy miso soup in a recipe development class

Jump on the cheesecake train!

Two more weeks to go. Will probably not get a chance to post again till I get back after Feb. 7th.




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