Monday, November 23, 2009

Longevity Now Experience

This past weekend I attended David Wolfe's Longevity Now weekender in Costa Mesa, CA. I wasn't familiar with the Longevity Now program but I love listening to his talks on superfoods that I couldn't resist not going. Seven hundred people were in attendance to hear a dozen different speakers discuss how to love our liver, utilize our lungs, yin yang herbs, cellology, essential oils, candida, libido, and most importantly how it all applies to longevity. I only purchased the program yesterday so I have not read all the materials but from what I gleaned the basic premise is that many illnesses of aging are due to calcification. Just as there are good fats and bad fats so we consume good and bad forms of calcium. Bad calcium accumulates in our body and grows much like coral does. It contains nanobacteria that set up shop in our joints and organs manifesting itself as arthritis, kidney stones, cataracts, brain sand (Alzheimer's), etc. David Wolfe's protocol is to dissolve the bad calcium, remineralize and rejuvenate our cells through the use of ionic substances, superherbs, various supplements and bodywork. This was so new to me my mind was blown. This flies in the face of all we have ever learned about calcium supplementation. Wolfe said there is no study that actually proved that calcium supplementation strengthened bones and reversed osteoporosis and challenged anyone to show him that it did. I was riveted as each speaker discussed the different steps but honestly it did start to seem like I was watching an infomercial marathon as each speaker touted their various products. I figured these are tried and true David Wolfe approved products that he uses regularly so I, under the influence of cacao, bought almost everything. I kid you not. I won't even tell you the monetary amount and, unfortunately, nothing there was cheap. I had to keep telling myself, "It's a write off," "It's an investment in my health." Which it is, but of course, one part of me is apprehensive about taking such a risk. The other side is fired up and can't wait to jump feet first into it. I will blog more about the actual program as I go along but here are a few photos from the event.

Dark field live blood cell analysis was offered for $99. The reason I look a bit pale is because I passed out when they took my blood. So embarassing.

I learned I have very strong red blood cells but some fermentation and bad stuff that could be eliminated through liver cleansing. That amoeba you see is a white blood cell cleaning the place up. You go! If you're interested in live blood cell analysis or liver cleansing kits check out Love Your Liver.

Some well preserved fast food hamburgers...and to think I used to eat those all the time. Sheesh.

Bulk herbs were available through Shaman Shack from Los Angeles. Rehmannia Dean is incredibly knowledgeable with herbs and can make you a mixture for any ailment.

The vendor hall had everything you need to follow the Longevity Now program and then some. I bought plenty of zeolite, fulvic acid, reishi and phyto marineplankton to get me started. I also purchased a liver cleansing kit and a cellerciser which I'm very excited to tell you more about down the road.

There was not much talk about the raw food lifestyle. It was so beyond eating tomatoes and cucumbers and green smoothies. This was about taking things to a whole new vibrational level that can only be achieved through superherbs and supplementation. We did get a couple demos on how to make a Maca Mamma Malt Shake and Pineapple Jalapeno Gazpacho. Yum.

Whenever I read a tweet or status update from a raw foodist about how blissed out and ecstatic they are I always roll my eyes. I feel great on raw food but I've never felt ecstatic. Well say hello to my new friend, the $18,000 Jing Master. This little bliss fest was offered at the on site tonic bar and can also be found at Erewhon market in Beverly Hills. For $22 you can feel like you're in love. No kidding. 13 different ingredients work together to make you feel high, yet focused, not jittery, just, well, blissed out, without the crashed out feeling you get from coffee. A very fun splurge if you're ever in the area.

David couldn't go anywhere without a mob surrounding him. He's a total rockstar and I'm totally his groupie.


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