Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jungle Energy Smoothie

My husband shot this video on how to make a smoothie using the local fruits of Costa Rica when he was there last month. This is his first food demo and I'm pretty impressed...and proud.


Anonymous said...

I love the video! What a delicious tropical smoothie.

UNI said...

looks yumx10. just make sure to keep your bruised fruit away from him! ;) hey, have you tried sambazon acai? another jungle fruit that would be a tasty addition. it's in the frozen section @ whole foods.

Judita said...

Yum! Yes, I've had it! Only thing is it's pasteurized so it's not really raw. :(

UNI said...

yeah, it is flash pasteurized...but it has to be. there is a beetle in brazil that poops on the fruit and if you eat 'the leftovers', you'll die. people do every year in raw acai is sketch.

Judita said...

Haha, that's good to know! I would not want 'death by beetle poop' on my death certificate.

Adriana @ Anarchy in the Garden said...

Great job Matt!

Duder, how did you get Matt to take probiotics and can you get H to eat a green bean?


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