Sunday, March 14, 2010

Natural Products Expo West

Last Friday I attended the largest natural products trade show in the world. Expo West has everything from beauty products to supplements to food in addition to suppliers who can sell you the ingredients for whatever natural product you want to create. I went in search of culinary inspiration and to see what was on the horizon for this foodie.

I was very excited to run into the amazing Gabrielle Brick who is launching her new chocolate product, Avatar Elements. Made of all Ultimate Superfoods ingredients, I tasted every flavor and completely fell in love with Fire. A hot and spicy chocolate spread with turmeric undertones. I need to get my hands on a jar of this ASAP.

I also ran into the very lovely, Annmarie Gianni who is launching her new skin line, Annmarie. Her products are handmade, completely natural and left my dishpan hands soft and hydrated. I got a sample of her anti-aging serum and totally love it. Perfect if you live in the desert like I do and have problems with fine lines.

I met the legendary Juiceman, Jay Kordich, who made me a refreshing carrot spinach apple juice. Just what I needed for all my walking around.

Big Tree Farms is the raw food community's saving grace. Focused on growing sustainable, organic foods, they are one of only a handful of companies producing truly raw products like cashews and cacao. I'm thrilled about their coconut palm nectar which I am anxious to get my hands on. Finally a liquid sweetener to replace the controversial agave syrup.

Their raw cashews were unbelievably delicious and crunchy. They had some coated with chocolate nibs and palm sugar that were so crunchy I could not believe weren't roasted. I'm going to attempt to recreate it in my kitchen this week and I'll let you know if I'm at all successful.

The sweet and lovely, Julie Morris, was on hand to blend up superfood smoothies at the Navitas Naturals booth. One of my favorite lines of superhero superfood. They are coming out with raw nori sheets, powdered wheatgrass and raw camu powder so keep an eye out!

The Two Moms in the Raw were there launching their new granola bars. So cute!

There were samples galore everywhere I turned. I had some very healthful things...

...and some not so healthful. Hey, it was from Follow Your Heart and I only had a bite. I figured this was my chance to try things I would never buy, so why not. When in Rome, right?

I came home with a ridiculous amount of samples. I picked out the raw goodies and left the rest for my snackmaster husband. I spent six hours at the expo and just scratched the surface of what was out there. I wish I had more time to explore but then I'd probably have the worst stomach ache ever. Definitely good fun and looking forward to next year's expo.


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