Monday, August 9, 2010

ISUN Product Review

Like many women in their 30's, I am forever on the hunt for new and better facial products to help correct my previous two decades of poor lifestyle and dietary choices. My SPF free years of my youth are haunting me in a way that no amount of green juice or raw food is going to help. I need some serious skincare. I've actually been a really big fan of DeVita products for the past three years but find that it's just not emollient enough for living in the dryness of southern California. I recently stumbled upon ISUN, an all natural, organic, ethical, eco friendly, wildcrafted line of skincare. I was overwhelmed with the amount of products in their line so I decided to just start out with one of their introductory packs to see what it was all about. Since I have acne prone skin I ordered the Blemished Skin Care set that comes with a cleanser, toner mist, clarifying serum, spot treatment, neem and blue green masks and an exfoliant. They even threw in a bonus lip balm (which is my favorite lip balm EVER now).

I have to say this is the most effective acne skincare product I've ever tried. It has antimicrobial and deep poor cleansing that doesn't dry your skin out like other acne kits. The star of the show is the clarifying serum that contains essential oils, neem, MSM and salicylic acid (from willow bark) that gently exfoliates without the harsh dryness. The spot treatment is very effective too as is the neem mask. I have really sensitive skin so I like that I can keep it on long enough without the itchiness I get from other masks. The only thing I would have liked in this set was a sample of the moisturizer of which there are about a dozen to choose from. I'm currently using Dr. Alkaitis for night time moisturizing but when I run out I'll try one from ISUN. You can find the products at Living Earth Beauty which also features some other really great brands of natural beauty products including products from Living Libations which create my favorite tooth product, Yogi Tooth Serum. Right now they have free shipping on all orders over $99 so get on it!


Angie said...

well, I've always held a certain, shall we say, desire for your glowing skin... so I'll take your word for it!


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