Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bringing Back The 'Booch

Photo by Bellingham Hippie

I miss kombucha the way it used to be. Bubbly, dry dragon pee. Since the kombucha recall last year and the brouhaha over it's minuscule alcohol content, kombucha manufacturer's have been selling us an expensive flat, sweet 'beverage' that is about as enjoyable as, well, nothing. It's a total bummer. I might as well shove $4 down my sink every day because that's exactly what I've been doing with the last few bottles I've bought. I was complaining to my friend about this sad state of affairs when she told me all I had to do was put it in a warm environment for a month and let it ferment to its full potential. Well duh! Why didn't I think of that? Has anyone tried fermenting their GT or High Country 'booch? I'll give it a shot and report back. Fingers crossed my GT Divine Grape will taste like grape champagne again.

P.S. I know I can make my own. I've got a scobie in my fridge. Just looking for the perfect container.

Update 10/8/11

I didn't realize that I forgot to update my results. Right after I posted this, I bought two bottles of GT and left them by the heater for two weeks. When I opened them they were highly pressurized and poured out like well shaken champagne. They were perfectly fermented and incredibly delicious!


Smartypanties said...

Can't wait to hear what happens with your 'Booch!!! I feel the same way! It's so expensive!


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