Friday, July 15, 2011

Brooklyn's Smorgasburg

I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I stumbled upon this food fest on the Williamsburg waterfront last Saturday. I thought I was going to a regular ol' farmer's market but what I got was a foodie's paradise of artisan culinary delights. I wasn't sure what I could find in terms of raw, living cuisine but appreciated the many different offerings among the 100 or so vendors at this now two month old weekend event. I discovered all things pickled, fermented, grass-fed, rooftop grown and lovingly prepared. Luckily, I hit the raw food jackpot starting at the Skytown booth where they were serving up some kale salad and red coleslaw. I couldn't decide which one I wanted so they gave me half and half. Delish. I washed it down with some chamomile moon brew and continued on.

Next up I discovered banana soft serve ice cream by Rob & Anna's. This is the most simple of raw desserts if you have a masticating juicer. All you do is freeze bananas and run it through. Voila, incredible creamy, dreamy banana ice cream. They had several different enticing toppings like peanut butter sauce, nutella, nuts and granola but I went with the raw raspberry coulis. Isn't it just stunning?

I found a couple smoothie vendors but after my dessert I didn't really want any more fruit but good to know for next time.

I also came across some kombucha on tap by Kombucha Brooklyn. For $10 I got a big bottle of nice bubbly, well fermented 'booch. Next week I can refill my bottle for $8 or go to Urban Rustic a few blocks away during the week. Sweet!

There was also rooftop grown produce available but personally I'd rather eat produce grown in the country than the city in terms of high vibe, clean food but I thought it was cool that it there are urban farmers out there making it work however they can.

I definitely left very satisfied and am so excited about coming back each weekend to try out some new things. I only wish they had more seating available. If you want to grab a meal and walk along the water and enjoy the city view it's great, but if you're a grazer like me, going booth to booth, it's a little inconvenient. Otherwise, awesome event worth visiting at least once this summer if you're in NYC.


The Tame Lion said...

Nice post! Wonderful pics!
Thanks, Judita! I enjoyed the visit.

*^_^* said...

Wow! Nice!

Jimmy said...

Awesomeness! Nice pictures! :) Keep posting please, I enjoy your blog so much!

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Smartypanties said...

Wow! I must go there! Sounds great!!!!


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