Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March Update

OMG, I'm a terrible blogger. I can't believe it's been two and half months since I last posted. And how is it possible that it's almost April 2012?! I've been completely immersed in book writing. My deadline is fast approaching and I am only half way done. It's going very well, though, and I'm completely thrilled with the new recipes and the ease of the directions. Everyone's been waiting for a new, easy raw food book and I believe it'll be much appreciated when it comes out next spring. Very fresh recipes with no dehydration. Who's excited??!!

Aside from book writing, I have also been busy with commercial auditions and print jobs. I've had to go to castings almost every day this month which cuts into my time in the kitchen and can be an exhausting commute some days. I also had some personal things go down which I will write about down the road. Major girl talk that I think will be really beneficial to a lot of the readers. It's gonna be one juicey blog post that is going to take me days to write. Days of which I do not have right now to spare. 

One of my rad readers asked if I was still on the Body Ecology Diet. Because of the recipe writing, I'm not following it. I have to test a lot of sugary foods like desserts and fruit smoothies but I still drink coconut kefir and take probiotics to keep things in check. My skin has had some breakouts but it's not that bad. I am looking forward to finishing up the book and getting back to my regular low sugar routine. FYI I'm addressing the sugar problem in the new book and many recipes are BED friendly.

Before I head back to the kitchen, I wanted to tell you about my Saturday night. I had an opportunity to make a raw dinner with Matthew Kenney for supermodel Gisele Bundchen and her husband, New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. Gisele is totally down with raw and is very passionate about health. We got to talk for a while about food and health and she really knows her stuff. Both of them loved the food and asked me to become the family chef. I, unfortunately, can't commit to a long term chef position, but am so flattered to have been asked. They are my dream clients and I hope they continue following a mostly plant based diet. There couldn't be two more beautiful people to exemplify the benefits of raw foods.

Alright, back to the kitchen I go. My next post will most likely be June 1st when I deliver my manuscript. There's going to be some major celebrating!!

Till then....xoxo


Pure2raw twins said...

so glad that your book is coming along! and I had a little too much sugar the other few days and now have a few new pimples, but trying to eat low sugar again to see if that helps.
and that is so awesome about Gisele and Tom!!! that would be a dream job :)

bitt said...

Excited your new book will address sugar and have BE friendly recipes! It's a huge gap in the raw world right now I feel. Thanks!

Sheena said...

how exciting, Judita!! life is so much fun when you open your world to all the opportunities it has to offer. can't wait to see the new book and read some blog girl talk soon!! :) xoxo, Sheena.

Anonymous said...

I love your last book and can't wait for your next one. Curious questions. What raw "cookbooks" would you say are your favorites?


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