Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sugar Free Superfood Chocolate Shake

One of my favorite superfood companies, Navitas Naturals, is kicking off their Back To Basics Smoothment today. I call it a festival of smoothies. You get daily videos and recipes on how to make nutrient dense, superfood smoothies plus you can enter to win $300 in Navitas Natural products. Click here to sign up!

So just to get you jazzed up, I came up with a sugar free chocolate smoothie for all you low glycemic peeps out there who, like myself, just don't handle sugar well. This is a great afternoon pick me up or meal replacement. It's thick and rich with hemp seeds to bump up the protein and add some essential fatty acids plus powdered wheatgrass for a shot of chlorophyll. What I love about their wheatgrass powder is that you can't taste it at all, and I'm a person who REALLY dislikes the flavor of wheatgrass. You could easily add more to this smoothie if you wanted without affecting the flavor. This is also really versatile, so play around with other superfoods like Navitas maca powder or medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga if you're into those (I am!!). Also, use your favorite sweetener. I used xylitol to make it low glycemic but use whatever floats your boat.


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