Thursday, September 5, 2013

My New Project

For the past several months I've been working quietly on a new website. I wanted to combine my love of nutrition, food, and healthy living in a way that was less niche than just all things raw. I'm more than just a raw food lover. I love all healthful cuisine and I want to discuss topics other than food. I want to share products I love, talk about cool companies and personalities that have inspired me, share travel tips, stories, recipes, fun videos, as well as health tips. Not everything on this website is raw, nor vegan, but everything is unique and special and every product we promote is a product my husband and I use and love.

The name City & Sea Trading came to me while walking around Yosemite two winters ago. The idea was brewing, but since I was starting to write my new book, I wanted to wait until I had more time. I had been receiving emails daily asking where to purchase products from Going Raw as well as asking for recommendations for different health products. Because of my readers, I launched this mindfully curated shop of health and home products and apparel. I don't want to try to be a raw food superstore. That already exists. My aim is to only share products that are:
1. lovingly made
2. of the highest quality
3. life enhancing

My new blog is called City & Sea Living and will be co-written with my husband, Matt. I'm so excited to have his input, especially from a guy's perspective. He is high raw, but eats a little different than me, has his own set of recipes, lifestyle tips, etc. He's also multi-talented. He works as a freelance photographer, filmmaker, and music producer/engineer/mixer, and graphic designer. When I moved to LA 18 years ago to attend film school, we dreamed of writing and making movies together. Back then, video cameras were poor quality and film was expensive. We shot a short film during our European honeymoon on 16mm and never got it developed because we just couldn't afford it. It's still sitting in the back of our fridge among kombucha SCOBYs and jars of cultured vegetables. I kid you not. Today, we have great video gear and more time to have fun together so we decided that every product on our website will have its own commercial. Here's our first two.

I'll still be posting raw related things here, but check out the new website and have a look around. If you would like to see a particular product on the store, let me know. Subscribe to the newsletter and get updates on new products, videos and recipes as well. Thank you all for being faithful readers and supporters. You are my inspiration!


Penni said...

So excited - I love the concept and am going there now to get all plugged in!
xoxo - Penni


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