Friday, May 2, 2008

Martini & Rossi & George

So here's a tiny bit of irony. I had just started attending bartending school when I got an audition for a Martini & Rossi commercial. First thing they asked was do I bartend? Well, anytime you go out for an audition and they ask you "Do you wrestle sharks?" or "Would you shave off one eyebrow (I was actually asked to do this)" the answer is always "Absolutely!" whether it's true or not. Well, I barely drink let alone make drinks but I pretended to make a drink like nobody's business for the audition. Well, unfortunately I didn't book it (I think I poured it like a should see my two handed pours now!). BUT I did end up getting booked on it as an extra and, boy, was I thrilled because I knew at the audition two weeks prior that I was going to be opposite George Clooney in this spot. Now, I don't usually get too star struck but George Clooney isn't a huge Hollywood star for no reason. He was totally charming and funny and easygoing for the whole shoot. The spot is for a Martini and Rossi campaign where he plays a really cheesy over the top Italian actor. It's only going to be running in Europe and apparently he's been doing this same character for seven years unbeknowest to the American public (we couldn't bring cameras or cellphones to set so I guess it's a secret). They put a little fake mustachio on him and what I think was a really dark fake tan but I wasn't exactly sure. Another reason this job was pretty cool was that the stylist dressed all the extras in head to toe Dolce & Gabanna couture.

The location was at a gorgeous six acre estate in Beverly Hills that looks like Tuscany.

There wasn't a whole lot to complain about except my D&G shoes where starting to kill after two days of standing around. In one of the shots, George is trying to make his way to the bar except party guests are constantly in his way. The director told me to make it difficult for George to get past me so when he came by I grabbed his arm to flirt with him and then gave him a little *innocent* bum grab. I got to do that eight more times. Not bad for a hard days work. *swoon*



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