Thursday, April 17, 2008


About to hop on a redeye flight to Costa Rica to hang out with Ginger Pumpkin in San Jose. We'll be attending Festival Imperial (Imperial is one of Costa Rica's signature beer companies) and one of the last Smashing Pumpkins concerts for a little while. On Sunday Matt and I will go to Mal Pais to hang out with the monkeys and eat coconuts. I'll have lots of amazing photos to share since Matt just bought me a Leica camera for my photo endeavors. He calls me 'Leica hurricane' now. For now I'll leave you with this photo of two super cute lunch coolers I got. I have been searching for some discreet coolers I can tote around on set or when I go out. I guess the doggie lunch cooler on the right isn't exactly discreet but it was too adorable not to get. My goal now is to convert a Louis Vuiton bag into a cooler. Gotta keep my raw goods fresh while looking sassy.


Anonymous said...

Have a fun time Judita!


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