Sunday, April 6, 2008

Twenty Dollar Make You Holler!

For Matt's birthday I took him to one of those $20/hour massage places that have spread like wildfire all over southern California. They advertise as foot reflexology salons but they do head to toe massages. It's pretty crazy. I went on to find the best one and found LH Foot Massage in Little Saigon to be our jam. First they soak your feet in a hot herbal foot bath for 20 minutes. You lay down (clothed) in the reclining chairs and they do pressure points on your head, neck, shoulders and arms. Then they work your feet. Just as you sink into a state of pure bliss they turn you over, climb on top of your back and smack the crap out of you. I was grunting because she was working me so hard. I looked over at Matt and he was getting pummeled too. It was hilarious. I wanted to get my camera out so bad. Even though it was a bit rough, I would definitely go again but I'd ask them to take it easy. I almost felt bruised afterwards. I also felt super thirsty. I'm not sure if that's a normal response to massages as this was the first time I ever got a 'professional' massage. It was definitely a birthday to remember for Matt. He said he'd go back for sure.

As we were leaving the massage parlor, Matt and I came across a Vietnamese vegan supermarket that sold all things soy and I mean ALL things soy. I was shocked to find soy chicken feet and internal organs as being something that people would want. Is there really a market for this? I'm going to have to ask my Vietnamese friend what the deal is. It was kind of ironic that we ended up going to a wedding last night that served a seven course Vietnamese feast. I completely forgot to pack some raw goodies but figured at least there'll be some salad. I guess they don't eat much salad in Vietnam because all they served were tons of fried shrimp, fried scallops, fried fish, lo mein with meat chunks and whole roasted duck, including the head. Oh and sliced clean the palate...I had quite a few of these. I also had some tiramisu. I know, I'm bad. I need to find a discreet, fashionable cooler that I can tote raw supplies for emergencies like these. I almost always have Larabars in my purse but I brought my little Chanel bag that can hardly fit anything... I think I might have just come up with a brilliant raw food marketing idea! hmmmm...:)



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