Sunday, April 6, 2008

Green Smoothie Anyone?

As the weather starts warming up in California I am going gaga over smoothies right now. This is my typical breakfast, a tropical delight with a few leaves of romaine in there. It's an easy way to sneak in an extra salad and you don't even taste it. Really! And my blender is so badass it breaks the cellulose down so I digest every bit of life force it's got. I've been getting crazy in the kitchen lately as well. My dream right now is to go to raw culinary school but it's a bit out of my budget at the moment so I'm learning as much as I can through the dozens of recipe books I've been acquiring through Amazon. I'm trying 2-3 new recipes a day and I'm surprised how proficient I'm getting. I made a rocking dark chocolate ganache tart for Matt's birthday.

The recipe is from Raw Food Real World and it's pretty simple to make. It's more rawish than it is raw but I was really just hoping to make a great vegan dessert so this was perfect. The main ingredients are cocoa, maple syrup and coconut butter. The icing is vanilla cashew cream made from cashews, coconut meat, agave and vanilla. Its a very rich and elegant dessert that makes a big impression. It was a big hit with the friends. We've been hoarding the leftovers and take little nips off of it every day. It's like crack so be careful!



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