Friday, April 2, 2010

Everything is Amazing

I think I said the word 'amazing' at least 10 times in this video overview of some of the new and exciting products I acquired at the Longevity conference. I'll be posting more reviews and interviews soon!


Blaine said...

Very fun new goods! Quite the stash :)

So, I'm wondering how you feel about agave... do you consume it?

Pure2raw twins said...

Thanks for sharing all this. We love fermented foods!!

Judita said...

Hi Blaine,
I heard Dr. Mercola speak last week and was so sad to hear about the problems with agave. I've been using Ultimate Foods Really Raw agave and saw their response to Dr. Mercola.

I think Mercola might be a little over the top with his claims on how bad fructose is but I do agree that any processed sugar should be in moderation. I feel better with less sugar in my diet but I do like to enjoy a celebratory raw dessert now and again. Life is too short to not enjoy dessert. :) Most of my daily recipes have no agave and I try to use dates whenever I can but some recipes call for liquid sweetener so I am playing around with palm sugar which is, from what I researched, mostly sucrose with some glucose and fructose.
I'd like to see what other chefs are using though. I'm definitely keeping agave at a minimum in my recipes from now on.


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