Sunday, April 4, 2010

Quarrygirl Goes Raw

The hilarious, potty mouthed and brutally honest vegan blogger, Quarrygirl, recently took a plunge into the world of raw foods. Quite surprising after her terrible experience at Pure Food & Wine on a recent NYC trip. Read here about some of the culinary delights she enjoyed on her one week raw trial. Would love to read a follow up post to see if she felt any of the health benefits.

Quar, we have a date with a raw pizza very soon!


quarrygirl said...

thanks for the shout out, judita!

today is our last day being all raw, and i must say it has been an amazing week! for the most part, i stuck to the advice you left in your comment on my blog. i started each morning with a green juice drink and had fruit or a salad for lunch each day. for dinner we did a lot of raw nori rolls with sprouts and hummus.

we did hit up 3 restaurants this week and ate some packaged foods from erewhon, which i am going to post about soon, and i guess those may fall into the category of "gourmet raw"? :/

anyways, i am really glad we gave this a try. i found i actually really enjoy food that i would have never eaten before---raw apples, bananas, and vegetable drinks are all delicious!

we have decided to go raw for three days a week from here on out...and beyond that, i will probably keep eating raw food for breakfast and lunch on weekdays. i'm sad we didn't try this sooner.

i can't wait for your book to come out! thanks for the encouragement!

quarrygirl said...

...and YES to that raw pizza!

Judita said...

That is so great!! I'm excited for you. I wish I had more time, I would give you some food prep lessons. Let's coordinate a pizza night some time this month. :)


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