Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lady Talk

A month ago I tweeted that I had picked up these magical feminine napkins at the Health Freedom Expo. I was so impressed with the claim that they ease menstrual discomfort I bought 4 packages. Well this past weekend I got to put them to the test and, sadly, they did nothing for the cramps, bloating, lower back pain, etc. But in their defense I think they are still a great product. Here's the lowdown from their Facebook page:

Discover our 7 layers of protection

- Premium soft cotton surface
- Soft leakage lock layer
- Super absorbent water retention layer
- Biodegradable polygel maximizes top surface dryness
- Breathable bottom layer helps eliminate excess moisture and heat
- Easy to peel back adhesive improves fit and comfort
- Anion core strip for menstrual discomfort relief (no relief for me, but maybe it will work for you)

I was told they are non-chlorine bleached and biodegradable and at $2 a package, I think they're a great value. Find out more at


Juana said...

Have you tried cloth pads? They are uber comfortable and as green as it gets! Theres also silicone cups like the diva cup and sponges if you're more of a tampon girl.


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