Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Healthy Heyday At My Book Release Party

Here's a post from my new friend, JodyLynn, who came to Au Lac Sunday night to celebrate the release of my book. Her blog Healthy Heyday is a great collection of healthy living and raw lifestyle. Check it out!

Going Raw with Judita Wignall (Raw Judita)
By JodyLynn, on May 2nd, 2011

Last night, the hubs and I went to Au Lac Restaurant to attend a quaint soiree for the book release of Raw Judita‘s new book “Going Raw.” I was extremely excited, first of all, to go to Au Lac (my most fave raw restaurant) and secondly, to finally meet Judita “live” in person. Since going raw in 2009, I have followed her blog, Raw Judita. This red-headed, red hot, raw food vixen is a soulful gem that exudes pure, raw, organic wholesomeness. Bluntly, she is absolutely gorgeous!
Judita and I


Entering the room, the vibe and energy made beautiful music together as they danced on my senses. The tone was set for a “rawsome” evening. Just as Judita promised there would be spinning beats (pretty cool tunes, I must say), samples to taste (and they were, oh, so yummy!), and her new book “Going Raw!” The samples, recipes from her book, were delicious! We sampled the Orange-Cranberry Oatmeal Scones, Trail Mix Energy Bars and Mexican Spiced Brownies. My favorite was the Mexican Spiced Brownies…do die for…I mean it – just shoot me! The book…well it should be wrapped and put on the top shelf just like Playgirl. Seriously, the book contains “food porn.” Not only are the recipes tantalizing to the taste buds, the photography is exquisite – true “eye candy.” The content of this book is lethal to your health…you must get it, read it and I guarantee you will live happily ever after! After perusing this 192 page treasure, which also comes with a bonus DVD featuring raw food kitchen skilled included, I was so inspired to try a new recipe, continue on my journey to eating “clean” and live my life deliciously. :-) Judita makes it easy peasy for anyone to delve into the “raw food world” without inhibitions only abandon…GO FOR IT! I am highly recommending this book to peeps that are curious about raw, wanting to add more veggies to their diet, and/or wanting to make a change in their lifestyle. Although I have been raw since 2009, I gained great ideas and knowledge from this well-thought out guideline to “eating well and being well!”

From rockstar to rawkstar, Judita is a model, actress and musician – as well as a Certified Associate Chef and Instructor AND a Certified Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator. WOW! From whatever angle … creativity is flowing and glowing from this vibrant veggie vixen.

The hubs and I, as usual, savored our meal at Au Lac – so insanely delicious! As you can see, once again, I dove into my grub without taking a photo of it’s beautiful presentation. Not to fret, I got the last dregs of my Humanese Soup. This soup literally makes my innards sing! SOOOOOOO good! We devoured the Chimichurri bread – just melts in your mouth. We split the Chips and Salsa. Everything is raw, but tastes amazingly like cooked food. For our hour plus ride home we each ordered a drink – the hubs got the Chocoholic and I chose the Hawaiian Blend. yum. :-)

It was nice to mingle and talk to Judita and like minded peeps. I also got to meet Julie Morris. What a doll! Julie has a book coming out late spring called Superfood Cuisine. It is a definitive guide to cooking with superfoods. Can’t wait! :-)

As you can see I had quite the “rawsome” time…check back as my “rawsome” weekend continues.



Rambling Heather said...

YaY. Confession: I ordered your book on Amazon before knowing anything about you and after doing a search I was thrilled to see such great reviews. Now if only I can keep myself busy so that I dont stalk the mailman. :)

Laura said...

OMG...you outdid yourself on your book, information, recipes, graphics, wow you are such a talented individual who exudes great inspiration. Thank you so much I can't wait for number 2.


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