Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How Do I Get My Family To Go Raw?

I get this question in my email box so often I decided it was high time to write a blog post about it. I think it's great that so many moms out there are looking to improve their family's diet and I understand what a challenge it is to make changes when you're busy and not sure where to start. I hope the following recommendations are helpful but please feel free to chime in with comments. I'll update this post with feedback from any of you moms who have been successful at this and can offer additional tips.

First off, let me tell you how NOT to get your family on board. Make a proclamation like Moses on the mountain that the family is now officially raw and from here on in everything will be uncooked unless approved by mom. This will put fear and trembling in the heart of anyone within earshot so let's not go overboard here, OK? 100% raw diets are not the goal here, healthful eating is, so don't feel like if the Boutenko family did it you should be able to convert your family without a hitch, too. I believe the best way to change your family's diet is to do it:
*with excitement
*and possibly without letting the other family members know what you're up to

1. For starters, add in raw and healthy foods gradually while crowding out the unhealthy junk.

2. Take the family to the farmer's market and let the kids pick out colorful fruits and vegetables that they would like to try.

3. Find recipes that are easy that kids can get involved in making. An internet search for "raw food for kids" will give you a plethora of websites. Here's an ebook to check out.

4. Plan ahead what you want to make for the week. Do the food shopping and make components like salad dressings, raw flax crackers, granolas, and snacks on the weekend when (if) you have more time. Make enough to last a couple weeks.

5. Don't put a lot of extra pressure on yourself just to be raw. Do your best and get the healthiest alternatives if you have to buy pre-packaged/prepared foods.

Here's a few ideas to get you going on your game plan.

Instead of saying, "Let's eat healthier!" say "Let's try some new, fun recipes!" For most, the word 'healthy' translates into 'not tasty'. If you've tried raw foods you know that it can be crazy delicious especially the desserts. Switching out processed sweets for raw desserts is easy and no one has to know the better. Get Jennifer Cornbleet's Raw for Dessert: Easy Delights for Everyone


JodyLynn @ Healthy Heyday said...

Great post, Judita! No pressure - no hype - just rawsome information. The links and recipes you included will facilitate the ease of dipping ones toes into the pool of "raw." When I switched over to raw, my hubby followed suit after he saw the transformation in me ten-fold. It's quite contagious (how can it not be?) once you try it! :-) Thanks for sharing ... you are such an inspiration and a wisdom pool! Rawk on!

Charlotte said...

Love your blog!

Greetings from norway :)

Simple Life Journey said...

I like the "no pressure" idea when eating healthy. This post encouraged me and made me realize that some things I am doing right. It's hard when I think extreme. You have reminded me that it doesn't mean all or nothing. Little by little. Great post.


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