Sunday, January 13, 2008

Detox Foot Patches

Believe it or not, this was Matt's idea. He found this website that sells detox patches that you put on the bottom of your feet that supposedly draw out toxins while you sleep. I'm pretty skeptical about this and everyone knows that I'm into all kinds of weird stuff. Since we're on the Blessed Herbs colon cleanse we thought it would be a good time to try these out. The results were pretty gruesome.

I know what it looks like but that came from my delicate little foot. They smelled pretty earthy when I took them off as well. It was hard not to gag but I had to take a good look to see if this was legit. I really don't know for sure if there are really toxins in there without sending it to a lab for analysis. We have five days worth each so if by the fifth night the results are less and perhaps a *gag* different color I might become a believer. There are countless websites peddling these patches and the reviews have been very positive. We tried finding info from quackwatch but nothing turned up. Apparently, they're all the rage in Asia.

As for the colon cleanse, this has been day 3 of 5. Yesterday was a breeze for some reason. I wasn't hungry at all and I had loads of energy. Today I woke up ravenous but after a big glass of juice I felt great. Matt on the other hand is totally miserable and has sworn this is his first and last fast ever. What a wuss.



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