Monday, January 28, 2008

I <3 My Dentist

Who knew I would love going to the dentist. After a lifetime of going to lousy dentists and believe me, I've been to some horrible ones (even going as far as Tijuana because they are way more advanced than U.S. dentists), I finally found someone who gets it. When I walked in I was offered a cup of organic Yogi tea from their tea menu. I then sat in a MASSAGE chair while I had my x-rays taken. The dentist took my pH level, discussed my diet and how it was affecting my teeth. They performed the cleaning with lasers and a baking soda/sea salt solution. I didn't need any work done but if I did the dental work is done with lasers as well and are as non invasive as possible, many times not even needing anesthesia. They are against the use of fluoride and amalgam fillings and they also offer virtual reality glasses with a selection of 200 movies if I ever need a little distraction. Now that's taking care of your patients. It's so refreshing to finally meet someone in the medical field that looks at the patient holistically. That is not the western way of practicing medicine at all. I whole heartedly believe that good oral health is key to wellness, as much as a good diet. If anyone is in need of a new dentist I highly recommend visiting this practice. Comprehensive Dental Center


Veronicared said...

Great, I stopped using flouride also, I have yummy Tom's toothpaste.
Eating mostly organic,
I feel great :)
Miss ya,
Love you,

Fat Free Milk said...

My god, it's located in my city!!! Thank you SO much. Now, if I can only afford it...

Ethan Pew said...

Lucky you! That's one good reason for me to visit the dentist. The fact that they use lasers is cool! Not to mention, the dentist even offered you to watch movie as a distraction. Now that was awesome!


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