Friday, January 11, 2008

New Year, Fresh Colon

Today I started an exciting five day cleanse from a kit I got from a website called Blessed Herbs. It basically consists of five daily concoctions of apple juice and a packet of their 'toxin absorber' which is pretty much bentonite clay and psyllum seed husks. You drink this every three hours and each night you take an herbal digestive stimulator to keep things moving. They recommend not eating any solids if you want a really thorough 'cleanse.' Also, you can have all the apple juice and vegetable broth you want. I've done other cleanses in the past like the Master Cleanse, and I'll I do 3 day juice fasts every so often but the selling point for me were the testimonials on their website. The photos are so incredibly gross, who wouldn't want to get that out of their body as soon as possible? Since it's only my first day I haven't had anything nearly that gnarly but I have high hopes for tomorrow. As for hunger, I have loads of it. I had energy until about 3pm when I had to take a little nap but that might be because I've been doing housework all day. Definitely a good idea to start this over a weekend when you're home so you have a bathroom nearby and no one around to snap at. I get really cranky when I'm hungry so watch out.


anthony said...

Shit...I know how it pun intended@!


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