Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Au Lac Is Blowing My Mind

This secret, vegan restaurant tucked away inside a weird strip mall in Fountain Valley, CA has got to be my favorite place to get culinary inspiration. I can't go there without ordering the Chimichurri dip with garlic bread. Though the sauce is beyond, the garlic bread is the best raw bread I've had and I can't figure out how Chef Ito makes it. He said it's made with flax, not sprouted grains, but the texture is so spongy and perfect I don't know what sort of voodoo is happening in that kitchen. Though I'm bummed they changed the menu a few months ago, I'm impressed with everything they're doing right now. They, unfortunately, changed the soft tacos by adding a big dollop of mustard to it but as for everything else they are doing a stellar job. I have yet to try one of their cooked, vegan dishes but everyone I've talked to really likes it. If you're in the LA or Orange county area it's definitely worth your while to check it out. I recommend the curried guacamole, risotto, humanese soup, norito wrap, doughnut holes and of course the garlic bread.


Adriana said...

I heard another blogger complain about the mustard tacos. I've been to Au Lac once and inhaled several cooked vegan dishes. I never knew they had doughnut holes. I'm so there!

PS, what's the deal with their opening/closing time; 11:33A-9:33?


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