Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Raw In The City

Had another wonderful trip to NYC this past week. I went mostly to catch up with friends but also in search of culinary delights, adventures and inspiration. Definitely found that at Pure Juice & Takeaway. There were rumors of a raw, vegan Cadbury cream egg so I had to find out for myself. No go, guess it's still early. But I did see they had a lovely tray of Moon Pies, Mallomars, Almond Joys, and other chocolate delights. Paid $34 for four treats. Yeah, that's right, but it's research, folks, research. Here's a shot of the Moon Pie and a chunky bar I forget the name of but we'll just call "a lil taste o'heaven." The other two I ate too fast to photograph...Don't judge me.

Was sad to hear that three raw, vegan restaurants have had to close their doors since I was in town last. Jill's in Brooklyn, Sal Anthony's raw juice bar and Jubb's Longevity. It's a bummer that raw food isn't more popular especially in a major city like New York. I did pay a visit to my former place of employment, Bonobo's as well as Quintessence and Caravan of Dreams all of which were packed. Yay! Also went to a super fun raw food potluck in Queens hosted by the We Like It Raw crew and Vanessa "Chocolate Girl" Barg. I brought truffles from Bonobo's since I didn't have a proper kitchen to use. Here are a few pics of the potluck.

Had a slice of this amazing pie. Chocolate ganache with almond butter frosting. I die, I die.

This isn't a very good photo of the chocolate but it really was incredible. Check out the website for Gnosis chocolate and pick up a bar or two or three if you find them at your local health food store.

Anthony, Dhrumil and I getting sassy.

Raw foodies have the glow!

Other highlights from my trip were seeing Morrissey twice (Bowery Ballroom & Carnegie Hall), went to a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, ate at Blossom (not a lot of raw options but very good), stayed in my old Williamsburg apartment, so fun, like seeing an old friend you never thought you'd see again.
I'll be back in NYC beginning of June to teach my Raw Food 101 class in the East Village. If anyone wants to reserve a spot email me at rawjudita@yahoo.com. The class will be held Sunday, June 7th from noon till 4pm - $55.


Car said...

I love your blog and love all the food you speak of :)


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