Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse - Day 4 & 5

The last two days of the cleanse were a little bit of a challenge. I didn't have the euphoria that I often get from juicing but I felt pretty good. On day 4 I had a print job in Hollywood so I was up at an ungodly hour. Surprisingly, I had loads of energy until about 1pm when I started to run out of steam as well as fresh juice. I brought apple juice and toxin absorbers to set but only one bottle of vegetable juice. I think I felt sluggish because I was just low on calories. Once I got home the rest of the day wasn't that tough except when I went out again for my husband's birthday and had to endure two hours of staring at incredible vegetarian Vietnamese food. Nevertheless, I stayed focused and enjoyed a giant pot of lotus tea and made the choice to have a good time anyway. On day 5 I was in the home stretch. Midday I did feel crabby, maybe because we went out to breakfast (again for hubby's birthday) and had to face a plate of huevos rancheros while I sipped on green juice. Eggs and cheese have no power over me on any given day, but at the time it looked pretty appetizing. After breakfast we went to visit my friend's vegetable garden. She had the most beautiful chard I'd ever seen and I was salivating. I wanted to grab a leaf and start chewing. Now that is a sign my body is ready for food! Despite that, I was strong and made it through the rest of the day by just keeping my belly full of fresh water and juice.

I didn't do much exercising during this time though a lot of people say they feel energized enough to work out. With low calorie juice fasting, I don't recommend pushing your body that much. Walking, light bicycling and yoga is plenty. This is really a time of rest, so working out isn't necessary especially if you're only doing a short fast. Exercise depletes minerals and increases free radicals so if you really feel the need for a workout have a low sugar juice beforehand like celery/pear or kale/cucumber/apple and end your workout with coconut water to replenish electrolytes and then have a green juice to replace the minerals.


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