Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Upcoming Raw Food 101 Class in Long Beach

SUNDAY, MAY 3, 2009 Raw Food 101 - Easy and delicious raw vegan cuisine for beginners. See how easy it is to incorporate raw foods into you and your family's meals. Learn to make Vanilla Brazil Nut Milk, Green Smoothies, Not-Tuna Salad, Spaghetti with Pesto, Mediterranean Kale Salad and decadent Fudge Brownies.

-Learn how to transition into raw foods
-Raw foods for weight loss and healing
-Raw food nutrition (where we get our protein)
-How to shop for and stock your pantry
-Staying raw while you travel

$55.00 1-4:30pm Ten Students Max. Email me to reserve your spot. rawjudita@yahoo.com


Laura said...

I'll be out of town on May 3. Will you be holding Raw Food 101 again in the near future?

Judita said...

I'll be offering this class once a month. :)

Anonymous said...

Do you have any sushi preparation classes?



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Judita said...

I'll be teaching an Asian food class later this summer where I'll show how to roll vegetable sushi.

Gina Miles said...

Have you already scheduled your next class? Where do you post your class dates? I just found your blog today. Thanks! :O)

Judita said...

Hi Gina, my next class is May 31st. Here's the link to my website http://rawjudita.com/classes.html. Email me at rawjudita@yahoo.com for more info. :)

Viagra Online said...

For a raw food, it sure looks delicious, specially the chocolates.

Florida Beach Cottages said...

That's really nice although as much as I love the fresh crunchy feel of raw veggies, a few ones are most nutritious when cooked for a bit


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