Sunday, April 5, 2009

Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse - Day 6

Mission accomplished! Actually I had intended on continuing the cleanse a couple more days. I woke up feeling so good that I thought why not go a little longer and get a deeper detox. Well, all my good intentions went out the window by 5pm. Earlier that afternoon I had gone to Au Lac (my fave raw vegan restaurant) for a seminar hosted by Kevin Gianni. He held a wonderful discussion on marketing for holistic health practitioners. It was great info but my eyes kept wandering to the course after course of culinary delights dancing in front of me. I held my ground and sipped orange juice and kombucha. I promptly had all my food wrapped to go and sent a text to my husband that he had an amazing dinner waiting for him tonight.

oh, the plans we make...

Soon as I got home I felt drained. I took a nap and woke up with the strongest food cravings I've had all week. I HAD to have the raw pistachio bread. AND the raw donut hole (NOT a Dunkin Donut, Au Lac's donut holes are about the size of a truffle and made with love and magic).

...and ouch, my stomach was not ready for it. Kind of forgot that breaking juice fasts take a little time. I was completely stuffed by those two morsels but I instantly got a burst of energy, so I decided to jump on my bike and take a 45 minutes ride around Eldorado Park. It was fantastic. Later that evening I ate the greens from the meal and left the rest for the hubster. My fast was over and despite the fact I rushed into eating solid foods my body wasn't that angry with me. Tomorrow I'll ease in with some light fruit in the morning and then some greens later. I don't want to ruin my hard work by eating anything bad. Reward your fasting with a massage or facial (to help rid some of the toxins) or new jeans but please, please, please not with junk food (especially the junk food that prompted you to go on a cleanse in the first place). I want to try to stay in a cleansing mode this week by keeping it simple with green smoothies and salads and avoiding sugar and nuts.

By the way, there are a ton of different juice fasts out there. A good book to get you started if you just want to try a basic detox fast is "Juice Fasting & Detoxification" by Steve Meyerowitz. If you have health issues it's best to tell your doctor before trying anything drastic. Also, my favorite juicer is the Omega 8005. I bought it at Mother's Market for $250 a couple years ago and I love it. It does everything from wheatgrass, leafy greens, citrus, root vegetables, as well as nut butters and banana soft serve. I've also heard great things about the Green Star and Champion but I think the Champion doesn't do greens as well. Avoid centrifugal juicers since they oxidize the vitamins before they reach your glass.

I hope these posts encourage you to explore the benefits of juice fasting. Even if you only try it for a day it will be the best gift you could give your body. Don't be afraid of hunger. It goes away, but it's a lot easier if you fast during a week where there are no celebrations or dinners to attend. Just sayin.


Adriana said...

Centrifugal juicers? I'll have to google this.

Green smoothies have nut milk, right, is that acceptable?

PS, you have inspired loads.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your posts. I have considered doing a juice fast, but I am not 100% raw. I like your suggestion of starting with a day fast and take it from there. I will look into the book you recommended.


Linda in the Raw said...


Love your blog pretty lady!! I have the Omega 8005 too and I just love, love, love it!! On day 7 of a juice feast myself!


roxanne said...
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Clara said...

My God what a plate of vegetarian deliciousness. Just wanted to say Yum and congratulations on finishing your fast.


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