Thursday, September 29, 2011

Detox Day 5

Indian Spiced Orange - one of my new juice creations

I fell asleep at 11:30pm last night and woke up at 5am with a headache and some body aches.  I treated myself to a 1 hour massage to work out the toxins in my muscles. I rarely get massages but it's one of the perks of doing a detox. SO good for you when you're cleansing.

Today I had:
Vitamineral Green
Lemon juice, water, MSM, probiotic, stevia, cayenne
1 quart cantaloup/cuke/mint
1 quart tomato/celery/basil/garlic/hot pepper
2 cups Indian Spiced Orange (see photo)
2 cups Sea Clear miso soup with crushed garlic
1 cup almond milk with protein powder/Shapeshifter/3 Jewels
1 cup pau d'arco tea
Apple juice with bentonite clay/psyllium husk powder
Intestinal movement formula
15 minutes rebounding/1000 mg niacin/45 minutes far infrared sauna

Overall, today was pretty easy. I had a case of the chills and more hunger aches but I just kept drinking fluids and keeping my stomach full. It didn't help that I had a big batch of my teriyaki coconut jerky in the dehydrator making the whole house smell like P.F. Chang's. My sense of smell is wicked sharp right now. Too sharp. I smell things I do not want to smell. Maybe because my body thinks it's starving, so my senses are more acute?

One fun thing about the juice fast is playing around with juice combinations. I'm coming up with some really tasty ones that I'll be putting in the next book.

A recap of the last 5 days:
*First 2 days were the hardest. I was irritable, sluggish and could hardly focus or leave the couch for that matter. I slept A LOT.
*Days 3-5 I had a lot of energy but was waking up too early in the morning and not able to fall back asleep.
*On average I drank about 3 quarts of juice a day.
*From start to finish (wash, cut, juice, clean) it takes me 1 hour to make the juices.
*I got my glass quart jars from the grocery store and use an Omega 8005 juicer. Not the fastest guy around but a good little workhorse.
*I'm drinking almond milk and protein powder so I don't lose too much muscle mass.
* I've lost almost 2 lbs.


Lisa is Raw on $10 a Day (or less!) said...

I really need to do a detox, too! How do you make the Indian Spiced Orange?

Judita said...

Hi Lisa!

orange juice
almond milk
garam masala

Sometimes I add carrot juice as well.So good!

Infrared Saunas said...

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