Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Detox Days 6-9

I was at the Longevity Now Conference this past weekend so I didn't have time to post any updates. It was challenging having to lug juices to the event but I stayed focused and hung in there. Being surrounded by so many health leaders, experts, coaches, etc. was really exciting and kept my mind occupied. My energy was up most of the time but when it dipped I went over to SunWarrior and took some nips at their booth. Healthforce Nutritionals also had some tasty drinks on hand and some chlorella tablets to gnaw on.

I really enjoyed the speakers and topics this time around. My favorite speakers were Kevin Troudeau and Dr. Bonlie. Kevin told his incredible story how a judge has banned him from TV for life and ordered to pay a $37 million dollar fine for quoting his own book on television. He has such a passion for health and truth, I was very inspired by his talk and his courage. Dr. Bonlie is a magnetism expert. I actually had lunch with him at the Health Freedom Expo a few months ago where he told me about the catastrophic solar storms we'll be having next year. He skipped the doom and gloom and spoke about his magnetic therapy which was totally fascinating. He designed a magnetic bed pad that I hope to buy someday soon. They chelate heavy metals while you sleep! Does that mean I don't have to juice fast anymore, Dr. Bonlie??? Say it's so!

Anyway, it was a super fun weekend but one of the highlights was getting to sit down with Kevin Gianni and discuss my acne issues. He's been pretty open about his own struggle with acne on his website and how he was able to resolve it with a combination of Body Ecology Diet, cultured vegetables and eliminating foods he was allergic to (FYI he did the Every Body Cleansing test I ordered). Surprisingly, he had a lot of success with oregano oil capsules. Oregano oil is very potent as a liquid and pretty hot and spicy if you've ever tried drinking it with water so you definitely want to use the capsules. He recommends taking it for 3-4 months until the skin clears up. I ordered mine here. It'll knock out all the beneficial bacteria in your gut as well as the bad so make sure you eat some cultured veggies each meal or take probiotics.

 BTW, my complexion is actually improving. It's gone from moderate acne to light. Fingers crossed that it continues on that path!



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