Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Detox Days 10-11

All in all it's been smooth sailing. I'm not that hungry but I do miss solid food. Today I hardly had any appetite and only had 2 quarts of juice. 1 quart was fruit, the other vegetable. I haven't exercised at all the past 11 days except for rebounding. I usually exercise every day for at least 45 minutes but I feel like I would run out of steam if I try to do anything too active. If my bike wasn't broken I would definitely have been able to do that but resistance training and elliptical, no way.

Today I filled out my allergy testing forms from Every Body Cleansing. I need to abstain from all supplements for 48 hours before I collect my saliva on the enclosed ziplock baggie. They check for 400 different food allergens and give you recommendations on what foods are ideal and what to avoid. I won't have results for 3-4 weeks but I'll let you know how it goes. Very excited to see the results but if they say I can't have avocados, I might have a complete meltdown.

Latest stats:
Energy: good
Sleep: excellent
Skin: improving
Total weight loss: 4 lbs


Pure2raw twins said...

thanks for all the updates. we look forward to see your results from your allergy testing, as we might do that as well. and I know I am not sure what would happen if I was allergic to avocados!!! yikes

Kareen said...

Yes! Thank you for sharing this journey and I, too, would be very unhappy in a world where I could not have avocados!

bitt said...

my husband did something like that and it was really really helpful. he would never have been able to figure it out from just elimination diet, because it was a few really different things.

even if it is avocado, if you truly are allergic, you will feel better off it. it can be really hard to give up a food you love but hopefully would be worth it if you are suffering.

veggie wedgie said...

I hope you can have avocados! I did a food sensitivity test, and right before I said to myself if they tell me I am sensitive to coconut, no way I am giving it up...and guess what, of course I have a sensitivity to coconut of all things! As well as blueberries, broccoli, cantaloupe, papaya,'s quite a big list.
I have been following everything...except the coconut! But I do think twice before having something with coconut.
I am interested to see your results!

Judita said...

I am dreading to hear the results of the test but it will be worth it in the long run. Thanks for the comments everyone!


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