Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Detox Days 16-18

Day 16

My appetite is back and though I feel like I could eat a huge meal, I can't. I had fruit for breakfast, a couple small collard wraps for lunch and another two for dinner.

Today is my last day of fruit and sugar of any kind for several weeks. I'm transitioning to a Body Ecology Diet where no sugar, alcohol, yeast, vinegar or any other substance that feeds candida is allowed. It's going to be a challenge but I think it'll be fun to come up with some raw B.E.D. friendly recipes. I stocked up on flavored stevia, xylitol and Lakanto and I'm ready to get creative though I am certainly going to miss my fruit. I already know I'm going to slip up once persimmons are in season.

Day 17

Surprised to find I lost another pound. I like the way my clothes are fitting so I don't mind at all. I'm working out so I'm sure it will come right back in the form of muscle soon enough.

I went in for colon hydrotherapy this morning and kept my intake light all day. I had chia pudding for breakfast (sweetened with xylitol), 1 quart of green energy soup and some nuts and kale chips. I had a busy day of auditions and appointments so I had to keep it simple by preparing portable meals. Today was stressful and ended with a couple new zits by the end of the day. My husband says my legs are looking f.i.n.e so who cares about some pimples. :)

Day 18

I feel awesome and strong. Had more chia pudding for breakfast, salad with beets, avo and tomato for lunch. I was on the phone all day coaching clients so I missed dinner but I did sneak in some sauerkraut, coconut kefir and berry sorbet. According to the B.E.D. diet, berries, pomegranate, lemons and limes are allowed. Hallelujah!!



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